Like a crush

It is an April daughter who is at the origin of this Liège-based label: “My first baby, Nina, was born in the spring of 2008. When she was 5 months old, the childcare worker told me of her attraction to the silk, says Julie Dwelshauvers. I then searched through my mother's drawers to bring out a square of silk which I gave her while waiting to make some with my own hands”. And that’s how the idea of ​​AVRIL Kids was born.

Senses awakened

The cuddly toy is this treasure that the child takes everywhere, holds close to his heart, pampers and cuddles. The quality of its materials is therefore an essential criterion.

The dance of patterns

Today, the designer imagines comforters in silk, this luminous fabric, mostly lined with Liberty. These are her favorite prints: “They remind me of spring, nature reborn, gardens adorned with colors and births!”. Mini-flowers, but not only: dragonflies, lemons, boats and other poetic and playful designs come dancing on the delicate cotton edges of the comforter .

They've adopted it

“My little girls, Thaïna (22 months) and Jannah (14 months) have 2 Avril Kids cuddly toys and they are fans of them. We tie a pacifier to the comforter and to wash it, hop in the machine!


“For births, my favorite gift is always an Avril Kids cuddly toy. The experience made me feel that it was 'right' for babies and delightful for parents”


“My little Achille immediately adopted his Avril Kids cuddly toy, the silk soothes him as soon as he picks it up. And what a pleasure for me to see him holding this magnificent cuddly toy!”


“My grandson Henri is surrounded by 3 different Avril Kids cuddly toys. He adores them, doesn’t leave them, and sleeps like an angel with his head and hands in the soft silk of his cuddly toys”