1. When to integrate the comforter into my baby's life?

The comforter can be introduced from birth. Very light and very flexible, it will quickly be easy for your baby to hold it in hand. In addition, the materials do not lint or collect dust, which is more hygienic when the comforter is put in the mouth. The ideal would be for the comforter to be able to soak up your scent before giving it to your baby, this will reinforce the feeling of calm and will be very reassuring for him.

2. The comforter seems big next to my baby, isn't that dangerous?

No because silk is a very light material, but if this worries you, do not hesitate to tie a corner of the comforter, this will not damage it. You can also start with the Mini comforter which is a smaller version and which is also very practical as a pacifier clip.

3. How to use the comforter?

As spontaneously as possible in order to benefit as much as possible from all the qualities of silk. This exceptional natural material retains your smell and offers an exceptional touch close to that of the skin, which is very comforting for little ones. Hypoallergenic but also thermoregulatory, it helps your baby regulate his body temperature, keeping him warm or cool according to his needs. For example, don't hesitate to cover the top of his head with the comforter, this will soothe him and make it easier to fall asleep. Or, if you carry your baby close to you, you can slide the comforter between your baby's face and you, this will stop him from sweating...

4. How is your comforter different?

Our comfort toys are distinguished by their exceptional materials and the delicacy of their design. It is the incomparable softness of silk which is at the heart of the project, it reminds babies of the skin and the smell of their parents, it is probably the most comforting material there is. Combined with Liberty cotton, it awakens the senses of little ones and facilitates the passage outside, the comforter fully playing its role as a transitional object.

5. If you wish to offer a cuddly toy, is it possible to attach a personalized note?

Yes, this is entirely possible. During the payment process, you will be offered free of charge to indicate to us the desired text which we will transcribe on a pretty cardboard box placed in the packaging with the cuddly toy.

6. Are you going to make bigger comforters?

This is not planned for the moment even if I am still thinking about developing the project based on feedback from parents.

7. Are there different sizes of comforters?

Yes, the Mini comforter measures 20cm (diagonal of 28cm - when the comforter is attached to a pacifier) ​​and features the same materials but arranged differently. This format responds to a concrete request from parents, it is above all very practical as a pacifier clip because it is lighter than our “large” comforter.

8. How can you wash them?

As simply as possible. I recommend washing the comforters in the machine on a delicate cycle, at 30°, with a special soap for silk, and letting them air dry. Personally I put the comforter in a gentle dryer a few minutes before it is completely dry so that it regains all its flexibility. A little stain remover can be applied before washing on more stubborn stains.

9. What materials are used?

The comforters are made of Liberty silk and cotton, high-quality natural materials, durable and purchased in Belgium. Liberty is OEKO TEX Standard 100 certified, an international label which certifies the non-dangerousness of textile products and certain prints are now GOTS (Global Organic Textil Standard) certified. The silk comes from a silk factory in the Liège region. The passionate company has always worked with the best suppliers in China (country of origin of silk) guaranteeing the traceability of materials.

10. Where are the comforters made?

The comforters are made in Belgium, in a meticulous workshop specialized in working with delicate materials such as silk.

11. If the comforter is lost, is it possible to buy the same Liberty print?

Not always because although several collections are offered each year and light ivory silk remains at the heart of the project, the collections play with Liberty prints. Once a comforter is sold out, there will not necessarily be a restocking. It is a desire to make the project more dynamic and fun and this is only possible because it is centered on the materials. It's interesting and quite practical because if your child adopts their cuddly toy, they will be attached above all to the softness of silk and Liberty, which makes the cuddly toys completely interchangeable. Even if the prints on the edges of these comforters are different, the child will always find the same softness.

12. How many cuddly toys should we have?

It depends on whether your baby will go to daycare or/and to his grandparents for example. In these cases it is quite practical to have a cuddly toy on each side rather than taking the risk of losing a single cuddly toy. It is obviously possible to start with just one cuddly toy but the risk of losing the cuddly toy can then be a little stressful.

13. How can I be sure that my child will adopt their cuddly toy?

As future parents we want to choose the best comforter for our child. A cuddly toy that will accompany him everywhere, reassure him and remind him that we are never far away. But in the end, it will always remain the baby's choice. Some children never need a cuddly toy, while others do without a pacifier. Despite everything, thanks to the multiple qualities of silk, you will always have a use for your comforter.

14. Is there a risk of choking?

Silk is a very light material through which we can breathe easily and which gives babies a feeling of soothing and softness. If this worries you, you can place the comforter on your face to be completely reassured.