More than a cuddly toy, a world of softness

Pamper your child with our 100% natural silk and cotton comforters. Hypoallergenic, breathable and soft, they are the essence of comfort and delicately awaken the senses.

Immerse yourself in a world of tenderness perfect for every sweet moment.

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Natural and pure

Made with love, our comforters use 100% natural materials such as silk and cotton, guaranteeing safety and comfort for your child.

Protective softness

Hypoallergenic and breathable, our comforters care for your baby's delicate skin, providing incomparable peace of mind.

Easy maintenance

Life is complicated enough as it is. This is why our comforters are easily machine washable (delicate program), for easier everyday life.

Awakening of the senses

Each Avril Kids comforter is an invitation to awaken the senses.

Soft, comforting and soothing, it becomes the ideal companion for moments of play as well as for tender breaks.

A real comfort for babies and children, promoting a feeling of security and well-being.

Offer a gentle hug

A universe of enchanted patterns

Discover our comforters decorated with the emblematic patterns of the Liberty brand, true works of art offering a varied choice for your child's ideal companion. Each Liberty design transforms the comforter into a storyteller, opening the doors to a world of fantasy and escape.

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